Raised by a woMAN

My mother has been living with my sister temporarily - she's brave. I'm told that this morning over coffee they heard a huge bang! upstairs. My mom said "what fell?" my sister says "no, I think someone broke into the attic window"... my mom in her infinite wisdom politley gets up and finds the biggest knife my sister owns out of the knife drawer. "Where are you going?" my sister asks. My mother says very indignant "Oh, upstairs to clip his nails, what do you mean where am I going, I'm going to find out who we need to hide from"My mom is telling me this on our way to the doctors today. She has me in tears - my mother is one of the most funniest people you'll ever meet - I say to her.... "Mom? what were you going to do if someone would have grabbed your bad arm and took the knife?" She says "oh, they weren't taking the knife from me... believe me. If I need to hide, I want to know how big they are and what I'm hiding from" I think my mom is still 30-something in her mind and still running a household of 6 children after her husband died. All the while, she is 67 years old, has rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and moves like a turtle with arthritis. It's got to be awful getting old. I talked to my sister later in the day and we laughed so hard I was the one who ended up with an asthma attack. She said my mom was walking toward the steps with this huge knife like if she were just going up to the bathroom. After the whole nail clipping thing she says to mom, "well, let me up first" they're going up the stairs and she feels a breeze on her neck. She turns around and sees my mom weilding the knife around and mom whispers "practicing" to my sister. Good Lawd....! In the end... they never did find out what the bang was. We sure got a good laugh from it though.