Creative on the spot!

First of all I am still having problems sending and receiving emails from some providers! Please call me if you haven't heard from me - I have no idea if you are receiving my emails.Ok... so I'm at a networking meeting and I'm told (10 minutes beforehand) that my 30 second commercial - that's what you do at networking meetings, you give a 30 second commercial about how wonderful your business is - well this particular morning I'm told that my commercial must rhyme. UGH! I take out a piece of paper and begin to write fervently. Here's what I came up with: I'm Daisy Pagan from Perfect Settings, I help those people who are getting married, retired, anniversary or just a party you use my service - or not - just party hardy. Some hate details but want perfection we help you with that, we provide ALL direction. We also have a space for 130 Don't worry, you won't have to get dirty or you do... the choice is yours we let you decide - you could sweep floors! We don't want you overwhelmed it may be daunting call us today take if from that list that's mounting It may all sound so crazy That's OK just don't forget my name... it's Daisy!

OK so I broke my own rule and called myself crazy - c'mon people I was desperate. I literally had 10 minutes to pull this off in front of a room of about 50 people. I put all of this energy into this rhyme and then some people got up and said stuff like: "Don't holler, we clean your water" and I was thinking; you've got to be kidding me. With my type A personality I have to go by the rules and write out what I've been told. Next time I could say "I'm from Perfect Settings... forget the rhyme... I'm not fretting!"