Hot new color

A wedding colleague and me were discussing the new color of the season. I said it was lime green she said it was fuchsia pink. Not much to argue about because, quite frankly, I love both of these colors. I like them with white or yellow and I like them with dark colors like chocolate brown, charcoal gray or black. Shucks, I like them together!We were discussing this because I was doing a photo shoot with Grand the other day and this is one of the tables that we dressed. It just so happens that this day we shot both lime and fuchsia.



This table was themed "ice" - just in case you're wondering what's up with the ice cube. I'm no photographer but I'm thinking these pictures are pretty darn good. This was my favorite table so if you want to see the fuchsia table - or any of the others - you're going to have to wait until my graphic designer *ahem* is done with my cards or wait until Grand compiles their pictures for production. I doubt you'll see any of them in the showroom but I think Grand is having a Holiday party some time soon.... Of course, if you really want to see all the marvelous tables we put together your going to have to book a party. No time like the present, people!