Dom Perignon

Five years ago when we started this whole venture, we were gifted a bottle of Dom Perignon. We always said we would open it when construction was done and at the Grand Opening. We have moved 3 times since then... from State St. to Queen St. to Locust St. - is that 2 or 3?? It's actually 2 or 3 too many! Anyway, the bottle has never been packed up. Tony wanted to be sure it was always in sight.... kind of keeping his eyes on the prize. Well, October 15 came and went... we were spent after the construction was complete. We decided we'd open it during the Holiday Cocktail Party... never did. We decided, then, that we would open it for our 20th Anniversary. We went to dinner at the Railroad House and were stuffed so no champagne that night either. Ok, we have a trip scheduled to Atlantic City with Tony's company and we decide to pack up ol' Dom again. After a night of cocktails, dinner and appetizers - not in that order - we go to the after hours party in Tony's boss's suite... for more drinks. We finally get to our room at about 1 am. Tony takes the bottle out of the fridge and says "we're drinking this baby tonight!" Ok. I think. I need another drink like a hole in my head. - mind you I may have had 2 drinks all night... soooo not a drinker. So he's taking Dom out the box talking about how long we've had it. Puts the bottle on top of the table, I turn for one second and Tony is standing there with wine glasses. Ok, where'd they come from. I thought he just turned into Emeril and was about to shout "BAM" with those glasses. "Where'd they come from?" I say. "Oh, girl, I was ready... I packed these babies!"So after 5 long years of waiting, good ol' Dom Perignon was finally uncorked. (Tony even followed the instructions from one of our client's about opening the bottle at a 45 degree angle so as not to lose any champagne. Which worked. - thanks Mitch!) So there we were at 1 am drinking fine champagne, saluting to our health, happiness and business. We drank that bottle dry... good lawd. Since I'm not a drinker, I didn't have anything to compare it to but I can assure you I savored that drink and reflected on all the tears, hard work, tears, stress, tears, frustration, tears, planning, tears and our dreams coming to fruition. Thank you to all of you who helped with that - especially the tears part.