Fall Wedding Cakes - a Lancaster County Specialty!

Welcome to my new website.  It's taken a while to get back up and running but here we are.  Of course Fall themed weddings are the first topic!  Enjoy.

Summer is over, and I get it, I get it-- you’re in mourning. It’s hard to say goodbye to a season jam-packed with cookouts, weddings, and lazy days on the beach. But hear me out. Fall has so much to offer, especially in the way of weddings. Sure, it’s less in-your-face than summer, but that’s part of its charm.

Fall is cozy and warm, but that doesn’t detract from its breathtaking beauty. A creative bride can capture the magic of autumn in her wedding. One key way to do this is through your cake.

For example, I love how this naked cake immediately makes me think of fall. While fruit is often a key component of summer bashes, here, the warmer and more subtle palette of the fruit used boldly marks it as belonging to the fall season. The cake is natural and understated, like fall, but it is striking in its simplicity.

Photo courtesy of mywedding.com.

In addition to its beautiful color palette, fall has another gift to offer creative brides-- holidays! Capitalize on the fun of Halloween by incorporating it into your wedding with an orange and black color scheme, as in this fun ombre cake.



Photo courtesy of mywedding.com.

With the natural beauty of autumn and a pinch of creativity, the possibilities are endless! If you’re planning a fall wedding in the Lancaster or York County area, I hope you’ll consider Perfect Settings. Just give me a call or shoot me an email so we can start brainstorming!