Green weddings

So the trend is moving on to Eco-friendly weddings. There's a whole web site dedicated to just this. ceases to amaze me how many different directions any function could go. I recently saw a client who is throwing a Quinceanero for her daughter and we must have spent 1/2 hour dedicated solely to finding a theme that fit the birthday girl. I'm sure that there is a bride out there who is itching to have a "green wedding" and just didn't know if they should pursue it - honestly, I've never done one but I'd love to. I hate to sound like a commercial but I'd like to help you have your wedding exactly how you envision it. That's part of the passion of this industry. Stepping back seeing what the client sees and executing a perfect delivery. Besides, if you try to plan this wedding yourself you're just going to spend a whole lot of gas in your not-so-conservative-gas-guzzling-car when all you have to do is make a phone call to me!!