Susquehanna Glass Open House

Calling all DIY brides!! Susquehanna Glass Company - here in little ol' Columbia - is having its annual Open House. Last year I was asked to talk about "Why every bride in every budget should hire a wedding planner." I bet there were over 125 people there. This year they are having the Fabulous Claudia Himes from Special Occasions. If you have missed most of the wedding shows this year be sure that you don't miss this one. I'm not just saying that. Claudia is truly amazing with linens. She can dress a high-top 15 different ways with the same linen... OK maybe not 15 different ways but you'll lose count after the 5th one anyway. She's awesome. Claudia has some of the most luxurious linens on the market. I'm a sucker for nice linens. Even if you aren't into linens you may want to stop in and see Nancy Gingrich for decorating ideas. She's no chopped liver either. Nancy works for Longwood Gardens and she's the queen of stunning and simple centerpieces. If none of this brings you out.... come anyway so you can people watch and see that you're not the only one obsessing over the details. You can compare nightmares and dreams with some other brides.