Pronounced: gu-wa-na-ba-naMy mom called me and told me that Hector fell out of the bed like a guanabana. Of all things to fall like he falls like a guanabana. She said when he hit the floor he was tangled up in his sheets and his face was pressed against the floor and he couldn't breathe. You think I'm making this up, right? Nope. My mom... the queen of comedy. She opened the front door and saw some guy walking the street and said "hey, come help me" the guy points to his chest and says "me?" and she says, "yeah, JEW!" (that's a Spanish pronunciation of "you" - jew know what I mean?) and so she has this perfect stranger coming into her house at about 4 am to help her with getting Hector off the floor. He comes in and says (in Spanish) "ma'am don't strain your back" and Hector yells "get me off this *%$# floor!" - mind you, he doesn't even know this guy who has now become a good Samaritan and he's cursing him. The guy asks "should I call 911?" and Hector yells "get me off this *%$# floor!" so the guy picks him up and tucks him back in bed. The world is a better place now.... Mami and Hector didn't get mugged and Hector and his foot are back in a warm place. I told Mami that this is precisely why Hector is in a nursing home. She told me he was to be at the home by 3 pm..... she had him there at 2.