Pass the coffee!!

Every time I go to my girlfriend Sue's we always have the best coffee ever! She has this vintage percolator that she's had for a long time. I told her I was so jealous and she said "I have an extra pot downstairs but it's a lot smaller" .... not a problem! Just for Tony and me! So she gave me a coffee pot just like this one. It's probably from the 1970's... can I tell you how wonderful this coffee is? OMG... talk about a good cup of coffee... I'm so addicted. I almost ripped Tony's arm off this morning when he went to unplug it. DON'T TOUCH THE PERCOLATOR!We need to get back to the basics, people ... no wonder everyone was happy in the 70's. The coffee was great.. what else could you want? I love mornings now. It gives me something to look forward to after a night the Willow... yes, she's still in diapers and yes, I'm still dog sitting. UGH! I just have to keep counting my blessings! Starting with Sue giving me the percolator of the year.