How do I remember my _____ at the Ceremony?


"How do I remember my _____ at the Ceremony?" I'm asked pretty often. I have two thoughts on this... first (and foremost) you don't want everyone bursting out into tears at the remembrance of your dear aunt Peg that died tragically and secondly, let's do this tastefully. After all, we're celebrating a very joyous occasion. Some of the things that I've suggested or have helped with: placing a red rose where the person would have sat tying a ribbon around the chair where they would have sat ringing a bell during the ceremony adding verbiage to the program telling everyone that you're missing this person a picture and candle placed near the sign-in book a picture in the program a moment of silence directed by the pastor taking the bride's bouquet to the cemetery after the ceremony

Keep the occasion joyous but prioritize what's important to you.