Please RSVP


I promise I'm not getting on my soap box to talk about all of you that don't RSVP.... promise. However, if you have one on your office desk please mail it today. "Please RSVP"... we see it all the time... but what does it mean? It's a French phrase that translates to "please respond" and word for word means "respond if you please". But most don't as lots of my clients know. And saying "please RSVP" is pretty redundant now that you know what it means, right? It seems the younger the guest, the least likely it is that you'll receive a RSVP. But I think there's a solution - not for weddings... we have to bite the bullet for weddings but for a party here's a great idea: Why not text your RSVP? A quick yea or nay will do. Isn't that ingenious? It worked for a client that was here last month. The hosts were throwing a surprise 16th Birthday Party for their lovely and instead of biting her nails down to the cuticles, she decided to give this a whirl. Worked like a charm. Kids of 15-19 don't know how to communicate any longer. Texting is right up their alley. BTW... the RSVP above has to be one of my faves!!! Love it. Below is a pic from the party for the 16 y.o. The decor was off the hook.