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shoes-1.jpg Many brides tell me that they love shoes.  What woman doesn't?  We love how shoes make us feel.  And many women are willing to play with shoes in a way they don’t play with other parts of their wardrobe.  Even on their wedding day.

Who says the bride (or wedding party) has to wear a pair of traditional flats or heels when there are so many options out there! I'm thinking, it might just be time to get more fun with the shoes we are wearing under the wedding dress.



You don't even need to have a barn or ranch wedding anymore to wear cowboy boots with your dress.  Some brides have a fantasy of riding a white horse in a flowy white wedding gown, with the perfect boots for the occasion.  If a bride's style in her everyday life includes going nowhere without her cowboy boots, then it only makes sense that she boot scootin' boogie her way down the aisle.



When the converse sneaker made a comeback, they also strolled their way onto the wedding scene.  This is certainly nothing new, but something I continue to see with brides who are casual, comfortable and sassy!  Whole wedding parties are wearing colorful sneakers.  If this is your sense of style--go for it, girl! shoes-4.jpg

Sassy Sneaker Girls, don't forget the groom!  You can't be strutting in your sneakers while he's wearing his polished Sunday bests.  Get yourselves some matching/coordinating sneakers and have fun together!

By the way, did you know you can customize your own Chucks?  Check it out HERE!



But you say, "Wait, Daisy, I thought this was a post about shoes!"  That's true.  But there are many brides (and grooms) who also prefer no shoes at all.  No problem!  Who says you need to wear shoes?  Have fun with it.  Write a message on your feet for your guests to see when you cross your legs or start dancing at the reception!

*NOTE: A wonderful pedicure is a MUST if you're going barefoot.  Your bridesmaids would love it if you'd take them with you for a girls night out. shoes-5.jpg


So, maybe you don't like wearing shoes, but you want more than just your naked toes.   Did you know there are many accessories for your feet?  You can have the best of both worlds!



Since we're talking pedicures--flip flops are not uncommon for summer weddings.  Customized flips, colorful and fun flips, or bedazzling jeweled flips...the flip flop is no longer just for the beach wedding. But again, a pedi is not optional!



So you feel most comfortable in heels?  That's great!  Wear what you love and what style suits you.  But here's a clever idea for you.  Give your shoes to the groom before the wedding and have him write you a note on the bottom.  Don't look at them until you put them on your foot on your wedding day.  Or, better yet, have him put your enchanted "wedding slipper" on and tell you what they say.  It's a princess dream come true!



Hey, Dancers!  Your ballet slippers are super stylish.  And...shhh...I won't tell if you decide to wear these and you really don't dance ballet at all!  Your secret is safe with me.

So, what other kinds of shoes do you think would be fun to wear on your wedding day?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Or, if you've already had your big day, send me a picture of your creative shoe selection.

Let's have fun planning the perfect day for you.  Contact me today to get started on planning YOUR wedding!

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