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omg-wedding-kit.jpg Recently, while cruising Pinterest for some inspiration, I came across this invaluable "OMG Emergency Kit" for brides.  I was trying to think if I'd add anything to this, and so far, I have decided that this list is quite comprehensive.

Don't get caught off guard on your wedding day.  It happens all the time to brides, so don't let it happen to you.

The great thing is, your wedding coordinator should have an emergency kit already packed and ready to come to your rescue.  So, whether your hair needs the tuck of a bobby pin or your seam needs a last minute stitch, make sure you have the basics on-hand.

If you have a story to share about your own need for an OMG Emergency Kit on your wedding day, I'd love to hear it.  Or, if this post is making you realize that there are just too many details for you to manage on your own--the contact me today!  You don't have to be prepared for everything.  Let me handle the details.  You just come prepared to marry your man.

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