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When creating your wedding guest list, there is a question that needs an answer: should children be invited to your wedding?  The answer to that question is a personal preference.

Many people say, "Yes!"

That's why I am sharing a few special ideas to keep Johnny from crawling under the cake table and to keep Susie from crying in the punch.  Let's face it, weddings can get long for children (and, honestly, even for some adults!), so having a plan in place to keep them happy and occupied is a great idea.


Children are often an important part of the actual wedding party.  Sometimes, the children even belong to the bride and/or groom, which makes their involvement extra special.  Let's not overlook these sweet participants who are dressed and mini-brides and grooms.  This is a big day for them, too!


So, whether the children are flower girls and ring bearers or just guests at the wedding, having a simple gift for them makes them feel like it's THEIR special day.  It also provides their parents with various forms of entertainment.  Candy, snacks, and simple activities are more sacred to a child than most anything else.  I can help you put together gifts that are adorable, functional and affordable.


Here's an idea I really love.  Kids enjoy playing "I Spy."  It's simple to develop a scavenger hunt for children to do either during the wedding service or while they await the couple to arrive at the reception.  Trust me, depending on what you things you include on your scavenger hunt, adults find this amusing too.


If you liked my post on Vintage Weddings, then you'll enjoy this idea! Remember to carry your theme into your fun for the kids.  Here, a vintage lunch box is filled with goodies that children have enjoyed for years.  This inexpensive little treasure simply includes: a vintage flashcard tag, a few pencils, stickers and crayons, a container of play-dough, some bubbles, and a little bag of treats, all presented on this adorable hand-drawn place setting on brown paper.  Simple!


Teachers love this one!  What if I could help you design your very own coloring book for kids?  If there's not time or money to create a custom book, there are online options to order.  Very creative!


Another idea is to create an actual kid corner at the reception.  Have a place for them to go and hang out together to play and stay busy.  You may even want to consider asking someone to oversee this area for you, either as a favor or for a small fee for the day.  That way, your adult guests can have time to socialize while their children are in good hands.


One thing is certain, with all of the details that come along with planning a wedding and a reception, ideas like this can fall through the cracks.  It doesn't have to be that way, however.  You CAN have it all!

Contact me and let's discuss how working together could make your wedding planning much easier, more affordable and less stressful.  These are the kind of things I LOVE to do, and it would be my honor to walk with you into the the day you've always dreamed of having.

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