New Twist on "Open Bar" at York County Receptions

dessert-bar1.jpg Gone are the days where wedding receptions depend on the cake being cut and served to the table as the final course. Having a dessert bar, like the milk and cookies bar above, is a perfect way to add energy and fun that will make your celebration really sweet (no pun intended).  If you want everyone to leave your wedding with a smile on their face, then consider some new twists on the words "open bar."


Every chocolate lover's dream comes true at a chocolate bar.  Chocolate desserts, candies, fudge and drinks can be served in a posh and whimsical way.


Snack bars are also becoming a popular trend at weddings and parties.  Take this popcorn bar as an example.  Large baskets and barrels are filled to the brim with popcorn and scoops.  Popcorn can be heaped into bowls, bags, or boxes and then guests can add their own candies, nuts and sprinkle toppings to their heart's desire.


Healthy gets a little naughty when yogurt meets toppings.  At a yogurt bar, guests will enjoy choosing from  fruit, nuts, berries, granola, pretzels, sprinkles and whipped toppings.  Want to get really crazy?  Ask me how you can get a frozen yogurt bar at your wedding!  "Froyo" is the trendiest dessert of the year.


It's also very vogue to be health conscious these days.  So, offering the healthy option of a bar filled (and decorated) with fruits, veggies and yogurts is a great idea. It's always amazing how beautiful healthy foods look when they are partnered together.


Or, skip healthy and go straight to sugar-filled whimsy!   At any age, a candy dessert bar creates smiles.  Consider a nod to days gone by where candy buttons and gumdrops were sold for a penny.  Colorful, delightful and simply fun!


Why not think about the foods YOU really love?  Your bar doesn't have to include anything traditional.  How about topping donuts and crepes with all sorts of crazy concoctions?   When it comes to dessert bars--the only limitation is your own imagination.


Since many weddings are in the morning, you may also want to consider forgetting a sit down meal and favoring a brunch bar.  Donut holes, mini quiches, breakfast sandwiches, bacon sticks and many other delicious treats almost feel like a dessert in mid-morning...they're so delicious!


Another favorite bar?  The waffle bar!  Great for brunch or for dessert.  Add scoops of ice cream and you may just have to hold your guests back until it's time for them to serve themselves.


Love the outdoors?  Here's a fun idea!  A s'mores bar is so much fun and perfect for an outdoor venue with fire pits. Traditional s'mores have been replaces (but not forgotten) with variations of candies, fruits and sprinkled marshmallows.


Regardless of what type of bar you're offering, consider using your wedding colors or theme as part of the feature of the bar.  This can be done with both food and decor.


And, of course, an ACTUAL bar is still a great option at your reception.  However, I could help you think of a unique spin on how to serve your beverages to guests.  In this case, the Bloody Mary bar is open for business.  Choose your heat and added infusions.

This is YOUR day.  I would love to help you make it memorable for years to come.  Contact me today for a free consultation and to get your date on my calendar.  Let's create magic together!

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