Lancaster County Wedding Planner’s Guide To Centerpieces

Traditionally, the tables at a wedding reception have floral centerpieces. As a Lancaster County wedding planner, I have to tell you, flowers aren’t mandatory! They can be beautiful, but centerpieces offer you the opportunity to be a little more creative.Here are a few ideas for centerpieces that are so stunning, you won’t even think about flowers:


Lancaster County Wedding Planner | Terrarium Centerpiece

Buy or make your own terrariums

This is a rustic spin on the traditional floral centerpiece that will wow your guests! A terrarium is essentially a miniature ecosystem, and they’re completely customizable. Think of them as a little slice of the season of your wedding. You can use sand, seashells, moss, leaves, pinecones, stones, branches, or even antlers.


Besides flowers, candles are probably the most common centerpiece to find at a wedding reception. That doesn’t mean you can’t make them special!

Lancaster County Wedding Planner | Cranberry Candle Centerpiece

Candle centerpieces can create a warm glow at your guests’ tables.

Arrange candles with other objects that match your wedding’s theme. If you’re getting married close to the holidays, glittery ornaments make great additions to reflect the candlelight around the room. Tea lights will float in water, and so will flowers and other seasonal decorations, like cranberries.


You can use balloons to make whimsical D.I.Y. centerpieces. Find balloons that match your color scheme, inflate them with helium, and use a mesh net to attach one balloon to a small basket. Fill the basket with marbles or vase fillers to weigh it down, and you’ve got a fun and festive hot air balloon centerpiece!

Balloons make fun and festive D.I.Y. centerpieces.

Another way to use balloons to create centerpieces is to pin uninflated balloons of varying colors to a foam ball. You can “plant” them in a flowerpot filled with tulle, or make a bouquet out of them. People will be talking about your unique centerpieces throughout the entire reception!

Images courtesy of Vera Devera, Chris Potako, and Anna Beer.