Look good at a wedding but don't overdo it!

That was the article in today's morning paper. It shows the beautiful Teri Hatcher walking out of the ceremony site for her friend and coworker, Eva Longoria. Teri, of course, breaking all the rules has a powder blue prom dress on - really wearing that dress. There's a caption next to the picture that says "At times, the usual rules of fashion etiquette don't apply to the famous." Nooooo! You don't say.The article goes on to tell the normal wedding-goer the dos and don'ts of wedding apparel. These apply to you and me. It was written in part by Rachael Donaldson the host of Bravo's "Project Runway" 1. Read the invitation for clues. If it's an evening affair you'd be safe to wear a black gown or tux but if the invite says "Family Farm" on it you may heed the warning and forgo the gown and wear a simple dress. But should the invite "have lots of pages, tissue layers and response cards, it signals a dressy event." 2. When in doubt, overdress. The article states that "you can always take off your tie and unbutton your shirt" if it's casual. There's a huge however coming along here.... I've seen mothers of the brides, mothers of the grooms, guest and family show up in very beautiful gown but they're 2 sizes too small or worse yet too revealing. Don't do it guys. And for you brides; don't loose sleep over what so-and-so is wearing, if they ask for your opinion please be frank! 3. But don't overdo it. I've already covered that in #2 but the article points out that it's distracting if you wear something inappropriate. You should also not consider this as a night out with the hubby when you get a baby sitter - don't look like you're going clubbing. 4. Black is a go, white is a no. It says that for summer weddings choosing navy blue instead of black because black isn't universally flattering and can look more funeral than festive... uh... I disagree. If done properly anyone can look fabu in black unless you're wearing that power suit that you gave a presentation to the board in. 5. Be discreet. This is a good one. If your dress is very sexy wear a wrap to the church. There are still some things in this world that some hold sacred and that's a church sanctuary. Have the big reveal at the reception. "You'll whip off your wrap and stun the room with the beauty of your shoulders." - I don't think she was talking about me when she wrote that. In a nut shell: Taken almost verbatim except for the excerpts by me. Morning: Light fabrics, dresses knee-length, accessories discreet. Afternoon: Be festive but refine with a sleeveless dress, open-toe shoes (NO STOCKINGS!!!) and bangles. Evening: Wear a chic cocktail dress or gown when specified on the invite. Color is good; avoid bold prints. Destination: A printed sundress is acceptable, beaded thongs (flip flops, people) or metallic flats and a silky fringed shawl are perfect for a beach wedding.