Marriage License

Back by popular demand... an old post.I get the question - a lot - of when a bride and groom should get their marriage license. I’m not sure where this source originally came from so I can’t give it proper credit but as far as I know, it’s correct info. Here’s the skinny: Where to apply: Office of the Clerk or Orphans Court, second floor, Lancaster County Courthouse. Hours are: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F. Phone number: 717.295.3522 The marriage may take place anywhere in PA. When you apply: The couple must appear in person to complete the marriage application. Social Security numbers are required. Remarriages: Applicants who have been previously married must provide additional information concerning the dissolution of the most recent marriage. Call for complete information. Medical Exams: The state of PA no longer requires a blood test or medical exams. Who may not marry: Blood relatives down to and including first cousins may not marry according to PA law. When to apply: In PA there is a three day waiting period before the license is available. Apply at least one week before the marriage date. The license is valid for 60 days after the license has been issued. Fee: The fee in Lancaster County is $40, cash only. - and they really do mean only.