What does a Wedding Coordinator do on the weekends?

Most of my colleagues either take a day off, do site tours or thank God for a weekend off. What do I do... I work on a 200 year old warehouse.When we were told that buying new flooring for our first floor was going to be close to $18,000.00 Tony and I decided that the sanding option wasn't too bad. So we took on the sanding. I was in charge of the edging. I'm told that I was in charge of this task because 1. the drum sander is over 100 lbs. and 2. apparently, I'm a good edger. - don't think I don't know when someone is patronizing me. Anyway, it took over 18 hours to do 3,000 square feet in May 2005. We didn't have AC and it was so hot those 2 days. If you've ever edged floors you know you have to stoop and squat for all of the edging. Do that for 18 hours. My behind didn't forgive me for months. We were so exhausted that at the end of the 2nd day of sanding we stopped at the threshold of our entrance doors. That means that the foyer outside my door and the first landing (2nd one too) were untouched. Of all the tours that we have had through our home I have told everyone that would listen to me that I'd never ever, as long as I lived, EVER sand again. Well, I lied. We decided to sand my office, the foyer and the first landing - I convinced Tony that no one is interested in the 2nd landing. We started early on Saturday morning and we were finally done by 4:30. Not too bad is what you're thinking... yeah, whatever, you weren't the one edging!! I never want to see that God-forsaken edger ever again. We emptied my office and put it in the kitchen and dining room and it sure seemed like everything grew 2x it's size! The stuff just kept pouring out of my office and I can't believe that I crammed it all in there. Here's what was done... sanding-office_0.jpg sanding-office_1.jpg sanding-office_2.jpg

sanding-office_3.jpg Am I happy with the results?... sure. I'd never do it again. Believe that one. I'm not even in the pictures to prove that I even was a part of the fiasco. How unfair. Next time there's even a thought of edging, I'm going to do what Anthony did, fall on my back with Strep Throat. Take that one to the bank!