Murder Mystery Dinner

Check out the FABULOUS Murder Mystery Dinner poster! Yolanda rocks - talk about talented!!Mark your calendar people... 12/31, 1/2 + 1/3... that's it. For all of you that have been looking, waiting and checking in... we're on! This play takes place on a dirigible... I had to look it up too... a blimp... anyway, it's a murder that takes place on New Year's Eve so this play will take you right into New Year's. Let's face it, you're not doing anything this year that you haven't done before (is the hang over worth it?... if so, BYOB!) so come join us... reserve a table of 8 if you want, for those people that you normally spend NY's with. It's going to be spectacular. It's being put on by the same production company that was commissioned last time... they are the same company that puts on the Haunted Lantern Tour here in Columbia - which by the way starts this Saturday. There's no expense spared for putting on these shows and I was very impressed last year - if you know me you know that it takes a lot for someone to rock my world (however, it's the smallest things in life that bring me real joy).... all I'm saying is that you're missing a good thing if you miss this!


BTW... did you notice I put that baby in the margin without shutting down my whole site? Yeah, baby!