My Funny Valentine

Valentine is my favorite Holiday. My very favorite. I love Valentine’s Day for two reasons; I love love and Tony’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day.Our “first born” (as he likes to be called) wanted to buy his father dinner today for his birthday. Nothing was open because of the storm. His plan B was to have the Courier Carrier deliver something from one of the finer restaurants. To no avail. – what’s the deal with that anyway? You would think they’d really jump on that one since it was pretty evident that no one was going out to dinner this evening. At any rate, we had to settle for Columbia Pizza. Don’t get me wrong; Columbia Pizza’s pizza is probably one of the best pizzas in Lancaster County! But we didn’t want pizza… we wanted Mexican. So we call in our order and are informed that they are no longer delivering this evening. UGH. Who’s walking? I ask. We all just look at each other. The birthday boy certainly can't go... so the first born and me decide it's us. I go up and put my Wonder Woman boots on - truly, they ARE wonder woman's boots - and first born doesn't want to go out with me looking like that. After some convincing we decide to make the trek.I can't tell you how flippin' freezing it was out there. It was still snowing with intermittent sleet that was wind driven. Some businesses in the downtown district hadn't bothered to shovel. It was quite the process. We did, however, make it. But on the way up to the pizzaria I told the son the story of love sickness. It was the winter of 1983 during the blizzard on Feburary 14. It had snowed 6 feet of snow... remember that? Well, being the good girlfriend that I was, I ordered a bouquet of balloons to be delivered to Tony at his job at 7-11. The balloon company called me and said that they could not deliver the balloons - after all, it was a state of emergency. Well, that wasn't going to stop me. I called my girlfriend Wanda and said I had to pick some balloons up "just around the corner". I was 15, Wanda was 12 so she believed me. 5 miles later and having to say "just around the corner" some 20 times, we finally get the balloons and trek over to the 7-11 - another 6 miles. Picture that; two school girls walking in the snow but you can't see the girls all you see is balloons over the top of snow. What you won't do for love!! The first born thought that was pretty funny. So we get home and decide to watch "The March of the Penguins". How appropriate! As the son said "you couldn't pay me to be a penguin" - true. What penguins do for love is better than walking 11 miles for your love. If you've not watched it - rent it, it's pretty good. So that was my evening with my funny Valentines... the Son and the Love. Having pizza in front of a fireplace watching the March of the Penguins. The only other thing that would have completed me as a person was to have the daughter home. *sigh*