The cutest thing

Yesterday I cut out a picture, of my 10 y.o. neighbor boy, that was in the paper. He made it into the spelling bee. I added a note that told him I was proud of him. I put the article in his mail box. At about 8 pm while I'm setting up for the Sweetheart Banquet my door bell rings. It's him. God love him. He's real shy looking and he says: "thank you for the note that you wrote me." "Oh, you're welcome", I say. "that was very nice of you", he says. "you're welcome"... then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Valentine. "I have a Valentine for you" and he hands me a Sponge Bob Valentine. OMG... he lowered his eyes and got all shy.... how darn cute. "Thaaaannnk you" I say and he gets embarrassed and says "I have new sneakers" and shows me his new sneakers. The innocence.... I tell my hubby who says "it must have been your new haircut". Great, at my age I can't woo a little boy on my own - by the way, my hair is really very short for the wintertime. I feel like a fat little boy.