Oh-Bama, Mama!

So on a day that I have to run and get some vet meds for my dog... I miss Obama. As someone who is STILL undecided about decision 2008... what a shame!My girlfriend runs the Columbia Markethouse... She gave me the following account: The morning of market there were two guys in the market... trust me she would know. This is a town of 10,000 - she knows everyone. The two guys weren't together but they were suspicious to her nonetheless. She had never seen them before. Then she noticed a woman at the front of the markethouse and she had been standing there for quite a while. My girlfriend thought that maybe she was lost so she approached her to ask her if she could help her with anything. The woman noticed her and turned her back and pretended she was on the cell. My girlfriend made her way inside... then suddenly there was a screeching of tires and people were everywhere. She went outside and demanded to know what was going on... a gentleman jumps from the black vehicle and turns to her and says one word .... "OBAMA" ... to hear her tell it is HILARIOUS!! Well she starts to bawl. They locked down the joint and Obama finally made his entrance and gave her a kiss.

Picture of Obama at Columbia Markethouse.

Video of Obama in Columbia.

All that commotion and I missed it. Anyone that knows anything about me knows that Thursdays (and now Fridays!!, baby!) are for market. How I missed this was beyond me! Dumb dog. And so... I start working again on Monday morning back to the same old boring Columbia PA. Oh, the travesty.