You're beautiful.

You ARE beautiful and it begins with you believing that.I started this entry to talk about cosmetic surgery and how I'm no advocate of getting it done less than 6 months before your event. HOWEVER, when I went to research some of the pictures... ugh... they were awful and the people writing the blogs about them were so mean!! Sure surgery can go south quickly but that's not the norm. I simply wanted to say if you want a nose job either wait until after the wedding or push your date back so that you have a least 9 months of recovery. I do understand that you may have a complex about a particular of your body and you will be the center of attention on your wedding day... that's normal - however, you really need to think this through. Interestingly, I learned that plastic surgery dates back to 700 BC! Talk about a bustier in a peasant's dress... geez. Lastly, don't "suggest" that any of your bridesmaids have any sort of surgery. They will never forgive you for it no matter how caring you put it to them.

PS I think Janet Jackson is beautiful. People are just haters.