We bloggers play tag all the time. I've been tagged by the fabulous Kim Petyt from Parisian Events - in the middle of wedding season, no less. I think bloggers get a kick out of inundating other fellow bloggers because once you get tagged it's like the gnawing tooth ache that you need to address at some point.The tag is based on 5 corny songs that we love and why. I read others that have been tagged (to find available suckers) and now those dang songs are stuck in my head. OK... Song #1: Dancing Queen by Abba. Stop snickering. It's a cool song that takes you back to the 70's. Song #2: The Electric Slide by Neville O'Riley Livingston (you know I had to google that one. No one knows who that dude is.) I love this song b/c when you hear "It's electric!!" you can look in the sea of faces at a wedding or party and see everyone's eyes scanning the room and them thinking "are you in, am I in? Let's do it!" BTW... I was at the grocery store one time and this song came on the radio and my sister started to do the slide in the middle of the bread aisle. It was hilarious. Song #3: September by Earth Wind and Fire. I just LOVE this song!! Ok, ok! I'm old school... the secret is out. Earth, Wind and Fire, the Commodores, DeBarge and the Isley Brothers *sigh* those were the days... Song #4: My Everything by Barry White. I saw this on Isis' blog (YESTERDAY) and now I can't get that song off of my brain. So Barry White is pretty cool. I had an anesthesiologist tell me one time that Barry could say; "hey baby, you know I didn't mean to punch you in the nose and break that pretty little nose" and make it sound oh, so sexy. Yep. That's Barry. BTW... that doc has been sniffing too many gases. Song #5: You Make Me Feel Brand New by the Stylistics. Good Lawd, people... you have to love this dang song!!! Makes you melt... puts me right back in the 70's riding my purple bike with the banana seat that had bright yellow daisies on the seat and colorful stringys coming off the handle bars. All the while pumping up my calves to be the hideous things that they are today... but you gotta love it... God bless you! You make me feel brand new! For God blessed me with you! You make me feel brand new. I sing this song for you... make me feel brand new.... *sigh* I'll be singing this for the next week... and all the while wondering how does that man sing so freakin' high?? I'm off to tag another sucker... I think the only people not tagged yet are newbies or people that have 30 weddings this year. Let's start with Leslie - from Leslie - Manning Events she never blogs about anything unrelated to weddings - take a chance Leslie, it won't hurt your following... and Samantha - she's a newbie. I'll tag Shayna from Williamsburg Wedding Design and I'll tag Christina Wright from Simply Modern, too. Get to blogging guys... this was pretty tough.

Side note: How's life across the pond, Kim?? Now everyone knows just how cornball I am... hope you're happy.