Being a wedding planner, I just automatically assume that I'll be handling the timeline and hence not having to have my brides stress about this (one tiny) detail. However, I'm now a venue owner. It occurred to me last week that most people don't know the timeline of a wedding reception. I'll outline it here for you.Hors D'oeuvres and your cocktail hour. MC announces wedding party Bride and Groom make entrance First dance (optional at this time) Blessing of food Toasts Dinner Cake is cut and served Bouquet and Garter Special Dances (father-daughter, etc) Dance!

For the most part, this is how a reception is run with the exception of the 1st dance. Sometimes the B&G want to have dinner first then dance. It's a personal preference. But in the end... it's your reception and you can do whatever the heck you please.