The Secret really does work!!

I recently read The Secret and as fate would have it Oprah (good ol’ Oprey, gotta love her) had a show on just last week about people who have lived The Secret and their success stories. Jim Carey was on telling the world that when he first got into show biz he wrote himself a one million dollar check. Shortly after that – well… you know the story... *sigh* he received a one million dollar check. So I say to my hubby; Hubby, I want a million dollars!! Then I tell like three people the story and I say “I’m going to have a million dollars – no kidding” … ok… fast forward 2 days. We are taking a neighborhood stroll last Saturday and we are coming up on some sort of dollar bill. Tony says, “Dase, pick that up!” I actually thought it was $100.00 of course I pick it up – or Tony would tell you I turned into a hawk and swooped down on it – either way, I got the bill. I take a look outside and my 40 year old eyes are playing tricks on me. It’s a million dollar bill. Tony and I look at each other…. *sigh*… long story short? The Secret works. Let’s clarify one thing to the Universe…. I WOULD LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS THAT I COULD ACTUALLY SPEND!!!