Things that make you say "hmmm"

As with Martha (we're on first name basis), I've been hearing lots of things that make me say "Hmmm" Last night - yes, night - I was working and I heard a lady calling in to the Dahlia show requesting a song. She said she had Diabetes and her little girl asked her if she was going to "Die from her betes" her mom told her "no, honey I will be here for a very long time" and the little girl responded "well, then why don't they call it "Alive-a-betes"" Touched my heart.Then I was reading my Martha book and Mark Burnett (the creator and producer of Survivor, The apprentice and many more) said that a calculated business risk is just that; calculated. You go into it surveying the land and path. A stupid business person would take the risk and keep along the same path not caring where that path leads. Hmmmmm....... Then my friend, Jeff, from First Financial Group - he's more than just a financing guru, folks - said "to change something, you need to change something". Hmmmm..... doesn't sound like a financing guy now does it? Sounds like he's more like a life coach - which he is. Lastly, my friend Martha's book ends with this last line: "Make it beautiful!" Hmmm.... now that is something that resonates very well with me and my line of work. I love anything that is absolutely beautiful. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. The amateurs will compromise their standards and integrity just to get the job done. I'm not going to do it unless it is absolutely beautiful. That's why I love Martha.... we're two peas in that comfy little pod and that's a very Good