The social media bug.

I can verify... the social media bug has not bitten me. As a matter of pure fact, I can not - for the life of me - figure out how business owners keep up with all of these posts. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and blogs. Truly way too much work for this business owner. I update my blog and people ask me where I've been on Twitter. I update my twitter and people ask why I've abandoned Facebook.... and so the story goes... I digress... you win... I can't keep up! Even with my crackberry, I just can't keep everything fresh and try to run a profitable business. I'm not sure how everyone else is doing it but I can tell you from this little corner office, it's not going to happen from me. If I really want to know that you're headed to Park City, I'll ask. If you have an announcement for an upcoming event, I'll wait until I see you at the very many networking meetings that all business owners are expected to attend - you can tell me then.So, if you've wondered where I've been... I've been here tweeting, facebooking, linkedining and trying to update my blog. But if you really do need me...for crying out loud, try the old fashioned telephone. Remember that thing?