Vineyard Hopping

Last month we went vineyard hopping down the east coast. I'm not an avid photographer, as a matter of fact I normally forget to take pictures. We are mostly interested in the process of making wine then we are in drinking it... well, I AM... Tony may differ on that one. At any rate, I'm not sure what the allure of vineyards is but being among wine is so romantic. The vineyards, the bistros in the vineyards, the manufacturing of it and finally the wine tastings... it's all an awesome experience. No wonder many brides choose to honeymoon along the vineyards. It's a beautiful place to be not to mention after drinking a few it's also a happy place to be.

vacation-collage_0.jpg vacation-collage_1.jpg vacation-collage_2.jpg vacation-collage_3.jpg vacation-collage_4.jpg vacation-collage_5.jpg Along the way we stopped and visited friends and family. The pictures are mixed up so that's the answer to that question. Notice, I took more pictures of the dogs then of our beloveds - that's not to say we didn't have a spectacular time with everyone.