Vintage Wedding Trends in York & Lancaster County

vintage_wedding_ideas1.jpg The vintage themed wedding has become popular over the last few years for a number of reasons. During the downturn in the economy, the vintage wedding has proven that it can be a cost effective way of decorate. Often there are many DIY elements included, and the overall style has a very laid back feeling that doesn’t require a lot of extra fuss.


Social media has also played a roll in the popularity of all-thing-vintage.  Websites like Pinterest, as well as the blogosphere, have made is possible to browse endless images that often include handmade, unique décor.  Top that off with the trends of cotton lace, mason jars and anything that could be re-purposed and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a throw-back wedding that is timeless, romantic and personalized.


The vintage look welcomes elements placed casually about that are mixed and matched.  It creates a sense of comfort by going back to our roots. Picking and choosing with an eye to edit will be less overpowering on the overall effect of the event and will allow you to avoid an overdone look.


Little touches, perhaps woven into the design of the napkin treatments or the cake, can create an overarching design that represents the couple. Using a common thread, story, or color palette to create the overall design, and those trendier details can flow in seamlessly.


Of course, every trend has a cycle, as brides strive to be unique and original on their wedding day, and do something a little different to give guests that WOW factor.  Although saying that, I do think we will see the vintage theme well into 2014 and beyond.


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