Who do you look like?

I'm often told that I look like Halle Berry. It's embarrassing to talk about but people stop me pretty often to say it. Now, do I think I look like her? Sort of. Maybe back in the 90's when she was heavier (of course) and her hair was short I would have agreed. The first time someone said this to me was when I took Whitney to the Dentist one afternoon on an emergency. She had fallen at school and her teeth were bleeding. The dental assistant said "you look like that girl that plays in the movie "The Last Boy Scout" with Bruce Willis. I just saw it last night." Oh, I said and that was the end of it. I saw a few people after that who said I had to see the movie. Halle (we're on first name basis) was in the movie for about 20 minutes - if I remember correctly. Now I get it pretty often now that Halle is more famous.I used to work with a guy who looked like Hugh Grant and he's actually the one who told me that almost everyone has a famous person that they look like. I have a girlfriend that looks like Reese Witherspoon.... they look so much alike that it's uncanny. I also have a girlfriend who looks like Diana Ross. My bestfriend, Wanda, just married a guy who looks like Nick Lachey. I'm not into looking at people's husbands but I've been told that. My Whitney looks a bit like Kristin Kreuk (she plays Lana Lang on Smallville). My son Anthony looks like the actor Sal Mineo - trust me, I didn't know who he was either.... Anthony works at a grocery store and old folks tell him this all of the time. Sal Mineo was big back in the day - I swear it's Anthony's face at a different time in life! My hubby looks like "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson except that Tony is a whole lot thinner and a whole lot cuter..... So I'm wondering who do you look like??