Who says you can't have a Butler?

Good ol' Oprey had Jen Groover in her magazine with her Butler bag... what you ask is a Butler Bag... I'm so very happy you asked. A Butler Bag is what got Tony and me in a heated discussion (operative word there) because when I saw it I had to have it. I don't do this normally... not very materialistic... I just like nice things.top_view.jpg Well the Butler is a very nice thing. Jen Groover had an AHA moment when she stuck her dishwasher utensil rack into her purse. That would be something I'd do but I didn't think of it first! Don't you just HATE that?? But how honkin' ingenious is that??? Anyway, she realized that life couldn't be any better with this organizer in her bag. I gotta tell you... I have to agree. The thing is making me crazy with joy. I don't know how I've gotten along without it before. Think I'm exaggerating? (I sometimes do) Buy one yourself. Seriously. I have never shown so many people the inside of my bag before. I tell total strangers at the grocery store "want to see the inside of my bag?" then I give them one of Karen's cards. Karen owns the Village Boutique and she's the only one in the county that has these bags - you could buy them on line but who wants to wait? (side note, Karen doesn't have a web site; her number is: 717.560.4477) She said she's having a hard time keeping them in stock - which is true because I really wanted a black or brown bag but settled on a Mustard colored one. I'm in heaven, people! Brown, black, mustard, green, orange or red... you are going to love it! Trust me on this one. 270×300blackclassic.jpg LOVE IT!!!