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"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  -Anatole France

Many brides and grooms share with me how much they LOVE their pets!  As a dog owner, I completely understand.

However, I am occasionally asked, "Daisy, is there a way that we can include our dog (or cat, goat, bird, horse or pig!) into our wedding day.


I wish the answer were a simple yes or no, but, there are many things to consider if you want your pet to be included in your big day.  That's why I decided to devote an entire blog post to this very subject.


To Have And To Hold

This I can say with certainty: If your pet enjoys being held, then by all means, get photographs taken with your pet before or after the wedding.  As long as your photographer and the venue approve of animals, you can get some very cute pictures of you and your best furry friend.  Just be prepared to:

1) Be Patient: Animals don't always cooperate for the camera.

2) Have Treats On Hand: Offering an incentive to sit, stay and look pretty sure helps! (P.S. This works for kids, too!)

3) Be Flexible: You might have a perfect idea for the two of you and Miss Cuddles, but if Miss Cuddles has an idea of her own--go with hers!  Nothing is worse than fighting with an animals at a photo shoot.

4) Get the Leash: You might have Pebbles adorned in her own mini wedding gown or Boots decked out in a handsome bow tie, but have that leash ready.  No cute outfit will be seen if your beloved pet decides to bolt after a neighborhood cat or a tiny field mouse.

5) Use a Lint Roller: Because most pets shed, you will want to make sure that you're not suddenly looking like an animal yourself.  Nothing is worse than a wedding dress covered in Zeke's black fur or a black tux decorated with Fifi's white fuzz.

With these things in mind, say "I Do!" to pets in your photos.


The Wedding March

"But, Daisy, I want my pet IN the wedding!" you may be thinking. To that I say, "KNOW YOUR PET!"

It takes an incredibly obedient animal to participate in the ceremony.  And just because Rover is well-trained at home, how do you know that he is going to perform well in front of a crowd?

If you have confidence that your pooch would make a great ring bearer or flower girl, then let me share a few bits of wisdom for you:

1) Let the "Master" Do the Handling: Like I said, even the best behaved dog can get crazy around a lot of people, so make sure that the person handling the dog is someone the dog respects and will obey.  AKA: Not the children!  Nothing will ruin a wedding faster than a good dog chase right before the bride makes her grand entrance.

2) Use a Leash.  It can be decked out in pearls and gems, but this probably isn't the day to test your puppies off-leash abilities.  Keep her close and under control.

3) Ask Permission. Always.: Never just assume that your wedding venue is okay with an animal on-location.  Get permission from wedding, reception and photography locations if you plan to have your pet present.

4) Follow the Photography Tips: See the same tips above and apply them to your wedding ceremony.  Like, remove the yellow lab's hair from the groom's tux before he makes his grand entrance at the reception!

Having a wedding coordinator becomes even more essential with pet involvement.  You'll need someone who can keep you moving in the right direction if the pet becomes a distraction.  I love animals, and would be happy to talk through the pros and cons with you.


So, at the end of the day, it needs to be the decision of the bride and groom whether to included their sweet, furry family members in their day.  If you'd like your pet to be included, but you don't think it's a great idea, then let me suggest a cake topper as an option.  A customized topper can be part of the bridal cake, the groom cake or a separate cake altogether.

Let's talk about how your pet can make your day extra special!

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